Replacing the Black Box  

For a given application, what if the black box could be replaced by a server?  Typically a replacement is possible if a server is custom engineered; and there are many “High Performance Server” vendors who are more than willing to provide customized hardware.

But what if the black box can be replaced entirely by an industry standard server (ISS) from HP, Dell, Supermicro or others?  What if you could go online, order a 1U or 2U server, a few off-the-shelf cards, add state-of-the-art software and achieve "black box" performance?  All without violating any ISS vendor reliability or MTBF warranties?

Virtualization Tolerant High Performance Computing

Thanks to the evolution of high performance computing (HPC) and the proliferation of very stable, off-the-shelf, multicore CPU hardware, Gazoo has made this possible.  Gazoo can show you how to leverage current hardware and server infrastructure to deliver HPC supporting virtually any compute intensive application.

Using Gazoo’s High Performance Virtual Machines (HPVMs), running on industry standard server architectures, Vendors will now be able to develop much more powerful applications without the need for fixed function appliances like “Black Boxes”.

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