Exceeding Expectations & Enabling Anytime Anywhere Learning

CLaaS is Gazoo’s answer to harnessing the power of today’s IT advances in cloud services for facilitating anytime/anywhere lab-based learning. CLaaS liberates software- based laboratories from the classroom and allows students to learn on their own time and via their own devices (laptops, tablets, phones).



Today’s dynamic students have been raised in a portable world and expect their technology to follow them, not the other way around.  With the pressures of academic assignments, jobs and classes most students can enhance academic performance with 24/7 access to secure online learning environments. 

CLaaS delivers a uniform student experience regardless of device used.

Benefits for Students:

  • Easy - access to student versions of software regardless of the device being utilized or remote location
  • Mobile - keep up with workloads without traveling to the campus
  • Freedom - work at anytime, from anywhere, without worrying about upgrading your computer to keep up with new software requirements


CLaaS is the solution that allows educators to easily take advantage of new technologies and programs as they emerge. CLaaS provides students and instructors with remote access to educational materials on demand.

Finally, a True Anytime, Anywhere, Learning Solution.

Benefits for Educators:

  • Versatile - CLaaS empowers educators to provide virtual laboratory computers to all students, on their device of choice
  • Customizable - CLaaS can be custom configured to immediately replace the requirements of each student’s existing fixed computer lab
  • Freedom - CLaaS is configured to replicate modern classroom-based lab computers – thus freeing students to run experiments and do homework anytime/anywhere
  • Reliability - If access on one PC should fail, the student’s workspace is still instantly available on any other workstation or personal device, so they can fully utilize classroom time


CLaaS offers a simple, scalable solution that’s ideal for educational institutions, enabling resource challenged IT teams to deliver a powerful desktop experience to students and faculty at a fraction of the cost of traditional desktop computers, CLaaS meets the unique challenges of academia.

Benefits for Schools:

  • Budget - CLaaS works with inexpensive thin clients and re-purposed old desktops, reducing capital expenditures
  • Reliability - reduce infrastructure and associated costs & complexity with cloud virtualization
  • Security - CLaaS isolates the student’s device from the school network
  • Mobility - Deliver the highest quality education available to all students, anytime, anywhere